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Testosterone Propionate gives the effect of improving strength, endurance, while allowing you to gain pure muscle mass and rid the body of the athlete from excess fat and fluid.

Testosterone Propionate Effects

This steroid also provides:

  • the increasing prominence of muscles;
  • increased libido;
  • reducing the risk of heart ischemia;
  • prevention of coronary disease;
  • getting the expected effect in a fairly short period of time.

Buy Testosterone Propionate is recommended for both novice athletes and pros who are preparing for a competition or want to conduct a cycle of quality drying. The drug has an almost instantaneous effect on the body. Literally after the first injections, the first signs of the steroid’s effect appear. As fast injection of Testosterone Propionate excreted, leaving no trace, which is manifested in doping tests. Thus, it is perfect for preparing for a more powerful sports “chemistry”, due to the fact that raises the level of the natural hormone – testosterone.

How to Take Testosterone Propionate?

An acceptable price for Testosterone Propionate, its operational effect on the growth of pure muscle mass, fat burning effect, water withdrawal and a convenient cycle of intake make this steroid popular among weightlifters. The drug can be used as a solo scheme, and in combination with other steroids that you can find in the section of injectable steroids.

The optimal dosage of Testosterone Propionate is 50 mg injections every other day – for beginners, 100 (or more under close supervision) daily – for experienced athletes. Women are recommended not to exceed the norm of 30-50 mg and to make injections with an interval of 5-8 days, depending on the physiological data and the results. You can buy Testosterone Propionate with the calculation of the duration of the course no more than 6-8 weeks. After it is desirable to abolish all the use of anabolic steroids and start PCT.

Side Effects

Before stabbing Testosterone Propionate, instruction and reviews should be studied – mandatory, it is also recommended to get individual advice from a leading specialist to prevent any side effects. They can be expressed in gynecomastia, acne, hirsutism or Vice versa – baldness, prostate enlargement or masculinization in women.