HCG for Bodybuilding: Why is it effective for muscle mass?

HCG for Bodybuilding: Why is it effective for muscle mass?

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Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, abbreviated as hCG, is not an anabolic/androgenic steroid but a natural protein hormone that is produced in the placenta (womb) of a pregnant woman. It has luteinizing qualities in the anterior lobe of the pituitary luteinizing hormone. In the first 6 – 8 weeks of pregnancy the formed HCG makes it possible to further the production of estrogen and progestogen in the body. In result, production of these two hormones in the placenta begins. HCG is extracted from the urine of pregnant women, because it is supplied from the blood to the kidneys and excreted in the urine unchanged.

Commercially available HCG is a dry substance and is intended for both women and men. Female injectable HCG facilitates ovulation, because it takes effect at the time of maturation of the ovum and facilitates its release, then helps to produce estrogens.

Also, bodybuilders use this drug, the reason being that exogenous HCG has almost the same qualities as luteinizing hormone (LH), which, is formed in the pituitary gland. In men, luteinizing hormone stimulates the sex cells in the testes and increases the production of androgenic hormones (testosterone). Therefore, a HCG injection is used by athletes for enhanced testosterone production. HCG is used more often in combination with anabolic/androgenic steroids, namely either at the end or in the middle of the cycle, the preserve hormonal function in the body.

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Why it’s so popular?

After a certain period of use, oral and injectable steroids cause an effect on the Hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis. The steroids send the hypothalamus a false signal which causes the hypothalamus to send a signal to the pituitary to reduce or completely stop production of follicular-stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH). The level of testosterone in the bod then decreases because the cells of the testes are not stimulated by enough luteinizing hormone.

After a steroid cycle, is a very difficult transition phase which often takes place with considerable loss of strength and muscle mass, because the body needs time to normalize the process of the production of testosterone. Taking HCG directly at the end of the steroid cycle helps the testicles to return to their original state, including their size.

HCG benefits

Many bodybuilders talk about reduced sexual function just before and immediately after competitions and especially at the end of a heavy steroid cycle. Athletes who often taken steroids, need to pay attention to it and give this phenomenon enough attention, because if untreated, can cause infertility. Reduced libido and spermatogenesis as a result of taking steroids in the majority of cases are successfully treated with the use of HCG.

Also, those who have mental health problems, should pay attention to the use of HCG in regular intervals.

HCG and BodybuildingMost athletes take HCG at the end of each steroid cycle to not “break”, i.e. to provide a better transition to “natural training”. Slow and gradual reduction of steroid dose is still the basic premise. These athletes believed that the use of HCG will help them to stimulate the production of testosterone in the testicles faster and bring sexual health up to standards. Some take HCG for at least two or three weeks to rest from steroids.

Many bodybuilders, unfortunately, still believe that HCG helps in the preparation for the competition makes them become stronger, burns body fat, thus showing a better figure line. But this is not true.

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HCG dose

Gonadotropin use is only really necessary during or after steroid cycles that are longer than 6 weeks in duration. The drug is typically sold in a freeze-dried powder that needs to be mixed with a sodium chloride liquid solution. These two substances are combined and injected intramuscularly, preferably in the buttocks or deltoid muscles. HCG has a fairly long period of action in the body of roughly 6 days, so injections should be performed every 5 days.

The HCG dosage should be in the range of 250-500IU if the hormone is used during a steroid cycle. If HCG is taken with other drugs such as Clomid, Nolvadex or Proviron for post-cycle therapy (PCT), then the gonadotropin dosage can be up to 500-2000IU.

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Normally, the duration of HCG use is 3 weeks and then a break of the same amount of time is taken.

Athletes who take steroids for more than 3 months, and those who take strong androgenic steroids such as Anadrol 50Sustanon 250, long-acting Testoviron , Dianabol etc. should take a relatively high dose of HCG. The suitable dose for these athletes is usually somewhere between 2000 – 5000 IU in a single injection and is injected, as already mentioned, every 5 days.

HCG Bodybuilding Dosage

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HCG side effects

The duration of injection HCG should be limited to a very small number of weeks. We believe that using HCG for more than 4 weeks is absolutely deprived of sense and any need. And if HCG is taken by athletes for many weeks and in very high doses, the testicles may not respond to further injections of HCG and may not even release LH (luteinizing hormone) on their own.

When taking HCG, you may experience the same side effects as when taking testosterone. With increased production of testosterone and increased estrogen levels, which could result in gynecomastia (breast growth). In men there is sometimes noticeable breast growth.

For this reason, athletes also combine HCG with anti-estrogens. Athletes talking about an even more frequent occurrence of erection and increased sexual interest. In high doses, the drug may become the cause of acne vulgaris (acne), as well as the reason for the accumulation in the body water and mineral salts. You should pay attention primarily on the latter from the above, since water accumulation can lead to baggy, watery muscles.

Can HCG increase muscle mass?

Temporary injections of HCG during steroid cycles can prevent testicular atrophy, so many athletes take HCG in the middle of their steroid cycle starting from week 2 / 3.  It is sometimes noticed that, just at this time, the user reaches their best results in terms of mass gain and strength. The reason is that the athlete has a high level of testosterone due to the use of HCG, and on the other hand, there is a high concentration of anabolic active substances in the blood due to the use of steroids. Therefore, it can be said that HCG may aid in the building of muscle mass through increased testosterone levels.

HCG and Muscle Building

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Reviews on HCG from bodybuilders

HCG reviews are all positive when written by those who want to preserve their fertility and manhood during steroid cycles. I can’t think of any reason why a man wouldn’t appreciate the protection that gonadotropin provides the functions of the male body. This is why we don’t think that the use of HCG in bodybuilding is going away anytime soon.

Comments (10)
  1. Eric Lewis
    August 24, 2022

    After five years of TRT at 200mg per week, I began utilizing HCG. Sometimes I thought my testicles were the size of quail eggs! I chose to use Clomid and HCG to resolve the problem. After a month, I increased the dose from 250 IU to 500 IU three times a week. My nuttiness is back! I’m happy to report that, so far, I’ve only experienced positive HCG benefits. I have more energy, my mood is better, and I’m losing weight. I’m monitoring myself closely for any HCG side effects, but so far so good!

  2. Dennis Hernandez
    September 16, 2022

    I have been taking HCG for a little over a month now and I have seen great results. I have more energy, my muscles are more defined, and I am able to work out for longer periods of time. The HCG dosage that I take is 2,000 IU per week and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

  3. Micah Tyler
    September 23, 2022

    I decided to try HCG after reading a lot of reviews on HCG from bodybuilders. I was really hoping it would help me bulk up faster and was not disappointed! The results were amazing and I definitely noticed a difference in my energy levels and overall stamina. I didn’t experience any HCG side effects, but I would recommend doing your research before trying it to make sure it’s right for you.

  4. Gregory Mccarty
    September 27, 2022

    I have been using HCG in building muscle and I have seen great results. I have been using it for a few months now and my muscles are noticeably bigger. I have more energy and I am able to work out for longer periods of time. HCG has definitely helped me increase my muscle mass.

  5. Herschel Turpin
    October 2, 2022

    I decided to try HCG for bodybuilding after hearing about the HCG benefits from a friend. I’m so glad I did! HCG has really helped me bulk up quickly and efficiently. I’ve seen a significant difference in my muscles, and my recovery time has also decreased. Overall, I’m extremely happy with the results!

  6. Harold Roberts
    October 11, 2022

    Since I’ve been using testosterone for such a long time and am currently on TRT, I always make sure I have some HCG dose on hand. HCG injection is a great way to boost testosterone levels and I prefer this method over oral HCG.

  7. Normand Livingston
    October 11, 2022

    I was really curious about HCG benefits and decided to give it a try. I did some research on HCG doses and decided to start with a small dose of 250IU. I am so glad I did! I have been feeling great, and have more energy than ever before. My skin is also looking better than it has in a long time.

  8. Kenneth Hill
    October 17, 2022

    HCG is a great way to increase muscle mass, according to HGH reviews. And I have been using it for a while now and have seen amazing results. It has definitely helped me bulk up and I have never felt better.

  9. David Hughes
    October 24, 2022

    After doing some study, I made the decision to try Human Chorionic Gonadotropin HCG bodybuilding, and I’m so glad I did! I’ve seen benefits with HCG that I hadn’t before, and it’s been a terrific supplement to my exercise regimen.

  10. Lemuel Soares
    November 29, 2022

    I’m not usually one for supplements, but I decided to give HCG a try after reading about the benefits of HCG in building muscle. I also found that an HCG dose of 250iu per day is the recommended dose. Overall, I’m really happy with the benefits I’ve been seeing.

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