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Growth hormone, also known as somatropin, is a peptide hormone that is produced by our body during adulthood. It is thanks to him that we grow, develop and transform from a baby weighing several kilograms into an adult. The maximum level of secretion of the hormone somatropin is observed in early childhood, peak values ​​occur at the time of puberty, and the slowdown in the production of growth hormone by our body begins as early as 26 years old.


The use of somatropin has been practiced for a long time, its properties have been fully studied. The production of drugs with its content was established back in times. If growth hormone for muscles was really as good as anabolic steroids, then it would be used on a par with them. However, this did not happen.

There have been isolated cases of the use of growth hormone by bodybuilders in the past, but solely to increase muscle stiffness. And some athletes, especially weightlifters, used the hormone somatropin to quickly heal injuries received while working with exorbitant weights. In this case, the use of such a drug was justified.