Pharma Tren E200 (Trenbolone Enanthate) provides trenbolone activity in the body for up to 10 days, when a similar form of trenbolone acetate has a duration of only 3 days. This means that trenbolone enanthate is more practical to use as it does not require frequent injections and can be used in long cycles.


The main effects that have a great cost in bodybuilding:

  • rapid build-up of lean muscle mass up to 10 kg per cycle (without puffiness, bloated appearance and large abdomen);
  • develops good relief, venousness, burns fat;
  • significantly increases the power performance of the user;
  • able to remove excess water that is the predominant quality of the cycle for cutting;
  • practically insignificant phenomenon of recoil.Experienced athletes most often use trenbolone for drying and consider it an indispensable part in the weight loss period, since trenbolone is able to maintain your muscles even under the worst nutritional conditions.

Trenbolone dosages

Novice athletes often use trenbolone solo cycle, which is usually enough to satisfy all their requirements in terms of physical results. The optimal dose for the average experience of an athlete usually varies in the range of 300 mg per week, injections are performed 1-2 times a week. The cycle duration is 6 weeks without taking gonadotropin.


Trenbolone reviews promise a strong suppression of the synthesis of endogenous testosterone during the cycle. To restore the test products, you must start taking Tribulus from the end of the last week of the cycle. Reception of tribulus lasts 3-4 weeks.


トレンボロンエナント酸 200mg

Quick Overview: Substance: Trenbolone enanthate
Package: 10ml vial (200mg/ml)
Manufacturer: Pharmacom Labs

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