What Can I Expect From A Turinabol Cycle?

What Can I Expect From A Turinabol Cycle?

Turinabol cycle is one of the most popular tablet steroids, which for the last 50 years has been used by many athletes, including representatives of power sports. By itself, this steroid has a high anabolic index, which indicates its ability to increase muscle mass, but due to the almost complete lack of aromatization, it is not able to compete with Dianabol. Every athlete should understand for himself what results he wants to achieve: rapid growth of raw muscles, which will merge after the cycle, or not so fast, but constant growth of dry and high-quality muscles without fat and water with long-term preservation? In the second case, many prefer Turinabol and choose relief with quality.


Effects of Turinabol Only Cycle

  • a set of high-quality muscle mass – 3-4 kg per cycle;
  • increase of strength and endurance of an athlete;
  • improved muscle relief;
  • the increased density and stiffness of the muscles;
  • good fat burning effect;
  • does not retain water in the body;
  • good potential for saving results.
oral turinabol cycle

How To Cycle Turinabol?

The proposed Turinabol cycle has a duration of only 5 weeks and is perfect for beginners. The dosage of Turinabol on the cycle will be minimal and safe, so hoping for something terrible, for some side effects, is simply meaningless. The average dosage used by most beginners is 20-40 mg per day, which we will use in this cycle. Taking Turinabol in such an amount is simply not able to have a negative impact, especially on a cycle of 5 weeks. Many athletes use this steroid throughout the summer season to maintain their results. This choice has obvious reasons that indicate the harmlessness of the steroid and excellent performance in the field of muscle mass and strength.

If you are a more experienced athlete and weigh more than 90 kg, you can consider taking the drug at higher dosages of 50-60 mg per day, because 20-40 mg are not always able to fully satisfy the athlete and bring an inescapable result. Also for experienced athletes who try to combine oral and injectable steroids in one cycle, but are afraid of side effects, it is possible to offer a cycle of Turinabol and Equipoise. If the athlete wants to put even more emphasis on cutting, it is recommended to consider the cycle of Turinabol and Winstrol, which just works perfectly on cutting, removing fat, excess fluid and builds up the relief muscles.

Turinabol only cycle for beginners will be taken on a common scheme – slide. We start taking Turinabol with a minimum amount of the drug – 2 tablets per day in the first week and gradually increase the dosage – 3 tablets per day in the second week and go to the maximum amount – 4 tablets per day in the third week (the middle of the cycle). Next, we reduce the dosage in reverse order – 3 tablets per day in the fourth week and 2 tablets per day – on the fifth (end of cycle). This regimen will allow beginners to gradually get used to the steroid and get a good result without side effects.

Athletes should remember that a huge role in the process of cutting cycle is in the formulation of nutrition and intensive training. The correct diet regulates the growth of muscles, but in the absence of a constant supply of protein, the athlete will not be able to build muscle mass you need. Proper nutrition, and especially the maximum exclusion of carbohydrates will help to remove all the excess and make the relief to which you aspire.

turinabol only cycle

Post Cycle Therapy

Turinabol cycle is not long, the more offers the use of medium dosages, and yet even in this case there will be a certain inhibition of the production of its own testosterone. Therefore, to restore the production of male hormone, each athlete must pass Post Cycle Therapy, the best drug for which is considered Clomid. The drug will help to quickly adjust the hormonal system and keep all the results after the cycle. Clomid begin to take a week after the end of the cycle of 20 mg per day for 20 days.

This cycle includes: Turinabol 100 tablets + Clomid 20 tablets.

WeeksTurinabol 10 mg (tab/day)Clomid 20 mg (tab/day)
7 1
8 1
9 1

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