Testosterone Cypionate vs Enanthate: Which ester to choose? {2022 review}

Testosterone Cypionate vs Enanthate: Which ester to choose? {2022 review}

Testosterone Cypionate vs Enanthate: What’s the difference and which is better?

Overview: Testosterone Cypionate vs Enanthate for bodybuilding

From the descriptions of the two steroids, it is clear that they are extremely similar in action. They differ slightly in chemical structure and rate of release of the substance into the blood. But both show good results in cycles aimed at gaining muscle mass. Combinations, dosages, and frequency of injections are all identical. This concludes that steroids are interchangeable, so why do some bodybuilders think one is better than the other? Let’s try our best to find out.

Testosterone cypionate is one of the most popular testosterone esters. Its advantage over Enanthate in terms of popularity is that it’s widely used in TRT as well as bodybuilding. Cypionate is more popular among American athletes and bodybuilders, whereas Enanthate is more popular abroad. This is because testosterone cypionate is more widely available in the US than enanthate.

Testosterone cypionate vs. enanthate: which is better?

When US bodybuilders are asked, “Which is better, testosterone cypionate or enanthate?” They will usually say that they prefer cypionate and that it is superior to enanthate in terms of providing good results in a cycle.

Testosterone cypionate is an anabolic steroid that can often be found in various effective combinations and cycles, but it is not always possible to get updated information about this steroid. Our task is to reveal all the charms of this ether and to compare it with its brother to find out which is better: testosterone cypionate or enanthate?

As bodybuilding steroids, testosterone cypionate, like enanthate, belongs to long-acting testosterone esters. One of the advantages of these steroids is that they can maintain a peak concentration of the male sex hormone for a long time in the body. A single injection has a positive effect on raising testosterone levels for almost two weeks.

Testosterone with a longer period of action has the most advantages and positive effects during bulking cycles. Cypionate shows good results in preserving muscle while on a calorie-deficient diet. Low Testosterone Cypionate doses are used to suppress catabolism while avoiding one of the disadvantages of using testosterone, which is aromatization.

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Testosterone Cypionate benefits

So far, we have discovered that the advantages of taking Cypionate rather than Enanthate include the fact that it doesn’t technically need to be taken as frequently to maintain stable levels of the hormone in the blood.

Another advantage of cypionate in bodybuilding is that it is better than enanthate at putting on water weight, which is beneficial for those who want to bulk up their muscles as much as possible. However, this effect could also be on the list of cypionate disadvantages.


Testosterone Enanthate benefits

To determine which is better for bodybuilding, testosterone cypionate or enanthate, we must now look closely at the ester enanthate. As stated, this is also a long-acting testosterone, but not quite as long as cypionate. This may be seen as an advantage or a disadvantage in some cases.

Similar to cypionate, the half-life of testosterone enanthate is about 7-8 days, so injections are also required once a week, and the effect will last about 2 weeks. The slightly shorter ester, however, may mean that enanthate has the advantage of causing slightly fewer side effects, mainly fluid retention.

Testosterone cypionate vs enanthate dosage and half-life

The best Testosterone Cypionate dosage

Beginners who choose the steroid for their first cycle can use one injection of 200 mg to 250 mg per week to achieve a solid increase in muscle mass.

At the same time, more experienced athletes use up to 500 mg every five days, achieving outstanding results. If you are preparing for a competition, you can increase it up to 500 mg without fear of negative effects.

This may not be enough for experienced athletes at a competitive level to see the positive effects of the steroid. In this case, a dosage of 750 mg per week will bring good results in the growth of muscle mass and strength—the main advantages of the drug. Male bodybuilders at professional levels use dosages higher than 800 mg per week.

Dosages of testosterone cypionate are adjusted depending on the goals and stage of development of the athlete, so each user should consider these things when calculating which is better for their needs in terms of dosages.

Women should ideally avoid testosterone esters since they will experience the negative effects of masculinization. But if this is not an issue and the goal is to perform in serious tournaments, then short-acting testosterone will be better than a long-acting ester, for example, propionate. In this case, no more than 150 mg per week should be used to receive more positive effects than negative effects.

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The best Testosterone Enanthate dosage

The recommended dosages of testosterone enanthate for men are similar to those of cypionate: 200 mg to be taken weekly for male beginners, 500 mg to be taken weekly for intermediates, and up to 800 mg for advanced steroid users.

Testosterone cypionate vs enanthate half-life

If we consider that the cypionate half-life is 8–9 days, it is advisable to perform one injection per week. Due to testosterone enanthate’s slightly shorter half-life, in reality, it’s best to be injected every 5 days to ensure the continued action of the drug.

Short cycles of testosterone cypionate or enanthate are 6–8 weeks, but experts recommend extending the use of these steroids for a longer period of 12 weeks.

Testosterone enanthate vs testosterone cypionate stacks

Test C stacks

The main positive effect of long esters like testosterone cypionate and enanthate is mass gain. In these cases, testosterone cypionate is combined with other anabolic steroids, growth hormones, and insulin, resulting in extremely powerful muscle gains.

The most popular cycle is testosterone cypionate and Deca since this provides good results in gaining mass. You can even add an oral steroid like Dbol for an additional effect in bulking or Turinabol for positive effects in lean mass.

Also, a great addition is growth hormone. What is growth hormone, you ask? This is a hormone that has many advantages for your health and provides good results in terms of muscle growth.

For better muscle growth, Test C is combined with Trenbolone or Equipoise. A very common combination for cutting is testosterone cypionate and Winstrol. During the testosterone cypionate cycle, the use of Proviron is a common practice.

After such powerful steroids are used, proper post-cycle therapy should be performed. Two weeks before the end of the cycle, some gonadotropin can be used to preserve sexual function, and 2 weeks after the cycle, the use of Clomid and/or Tamoxifen begins and lasts for 4 weeks.

Testosterone Enanthate stacks

Since the enanthate ester can be found in several other steroid compounds, for bodybuilding, testosterone enanthate has the advantage over cypionate of being extremely compatible with the steroids that share the same ester. These steroids include trenbolone enanthate, drostanolone enanthate (Masteron), and methenolone enanthate (Primobolan). Using steroids in a cycle that shares the same ester makes running a cycle much easier in terms of frequency of use and keeping hormone levels balanced.

Testosterone enanthate vs testosterone cypionate PCT

Test Enanthate post-cycle therapy will be identical to Cypionate PCT if the steroids are used in a solo cycle. PCT is started 2 weeks after the end of the cycle with the use of Clomid and/or Tamoxifen for 4 weeks. If other steroids are used in the testosterone enanthate cycle, this will affect the required time and length of the PCT process.

Testosterone enanthate vs cypionate side effects

Test C side effects

The disadvantage of Testosterone Cypionate (and Enanthate) that should be taken into consideration is that any testosterone ester with a long side chain highly converts to estrogen, especially when it crosses the appropriate dosage limit. Those who use dosages above 500 mg per week should pay special attention to inhibiting aromatase as well as their levels of zinc. At these dosages, aromatization will be high, so it will be necessary to take powerful aromatase inhibitors. At high testosterone dosages, the simultaneous use of anastrozole 0.5 mg every other day should be considered.

If any athlete uses testosterone cypionate in dosages of 750 mg per week or more, zinc will start to become low in the body, which may harm the body as well as cause bad results from a cycle. In this case, it is necessary either to reduce the weekly dose of the steroid or to take zinc-containing supplements.

Testosterone Cypionate side effects

The number of side effects of cypionate will therefore be slightly more than those of testosterone enanthate when used in bodybuilding cycles, although other than additional fluid retention, the side effects of enanthate will be the same as those of cypionate.

Testosterone Cypionate vs Enanthate: Comparison of Reddit Reviews from bodybuilders

Our sales team consists of professional bodybuilders, personal trainers, MMA fighters, and, of course, some marketers. We gathered the opinions of our team members and our bodybuilding customers on how they rate Testosterone Cypionate vs. Enanthate in terms of positive and negative effects, and if they would recommend Cypionate over Enanthate to their clients and friends, or vice versa.

To help us determine which is better for bodybuilding, testosterone cypionate vs. enanthate, you are welcome to share your experience in the comments below by explaining the good and bad results you received.

 It may be useful to other athletes and people who are considering buying testosterone cypionate or testosterone enanthate for their TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) or steroid cycle.

Testosterone cypionate vs enanthate: Reddit reviews by pro athletes

Which is better? Test Cypionate Test Enanthate
Quality of muscle gains   84%  16%
Rollback phenomenon   43%   57%
Pain after injections  76%  24%
Availability  84%  16%
Price  81%  19%
General effect  86%  14%
testosterone enanthate vs cypionate side effects frequency  69%  31%
 Overall score among pro bodybuilders  83%  17%

As you can see, when we compare Cypionate with Enanthate, the results show more positive reviews for Cypionate. But this vote mainly involves the opinions of American bodybuilders, so it could be biased. One of the disadvantages that Testosterone Enanthate has in the US is that it is not as commonly used for medical purposes, so that’s why it is lacking in availability.

Perhaps the experience of several generations of bodybuilders using a particular ester more than the other affects the fact that some athletes prefer cypionate to enanthate. But all of the pros and cons of testosterone enanthate vs. testosterone cypionate for bodybuilding are similar, so the final decision about which is better for an individual is made only by personal preference.

Testosterone cypionate vs enanthate vs Sustanon

Because of their long half-lives and slower release compared to Sustanon, testosterone cypionate and enanthate are popular choices for bodybuilders looking to improve their performance, and they will require fewer injections and provide more stable hormone levels.

Sustanon, on the other hand, is a mixture of various esters with varying half-lives, allowing for faster release and shorter dosage intervals. Sustanon differs from cypionate and enanthate in that it contains a short-chain ester (propionate) of testosterone that begins acting significantly almost immediately, within a day or so.

It should be noted that all three steroids can cause side effects, and proper dosage and monitoring are required. To make an informed decision, consult reputable sources such as Reddit forums to compare testosterone cypionate vs. enanthate vs. Sustanon, and take into account that ultimately it comes down to your personal goals and preferences.

Testosterone enanthate vs cypionate vs propionate

When it comes to choosing the right testosterone steroid for bodybuilding, it’s important to understand the differences between testosterone enanthate, cypionate, vs propionate. Enanthate has a longer half-life and can be dosed less frequently, while cypionate has a longer duration of action and a slower release rate. Propionate has a shorter half-life and needs to be injected more frequently. It’s also important to compare the side effects of testosterone enanthate and cypionate with those of propionate and use these steroids at the proper dosage to minimize any negative impacts on your health. Read and compare testosterone cypionate vs. enanthate Reddit reviews against propionate reviews to make an informed decision between testosterone enanthate, cypionate, and propionate.

Comments (10)
  1. Salvatore Day
    August 24, 2022

    The Test cypionate has been working well so far. I gave myself a shot last night, and I experienced some PIP, which is to be expected given the increased amount. I had a raging hard-on when I woke up this morning! Everything appears to be genuine and spotless. It should be emphasized that I have been using a Testosterone Cypionate Dosage of 400 mg per week. I am now switching to a greater dose due to restrictions that prevent me from getting more than 400 mg per week from my doctor. Test C side effects were also a bit of a surprise. I didn’t feel any pain in my muscles, but I had some nausea and stomach aches. It was pretty bad, but nothing too bad compared to the benefits of using Testosterone Cypionate. So far, so good!

  2. Erik Briggs
    September 14, 2022

    I recently started taking Test C Combinations such as Deca or Dbol and I have definitely noticed an increase in my energy levels and sex drive. I also feel like I am able to build muscle a lot easier now. The only Testosterone Cypionate side is that I have experienced some acne breakouts since starting the medication. But overall, I would say Testosterone Cypionate benefits definitely worth it.

  3. Angelo Stokes
    September 20, 2022

    Since I’ve been utilizing testosterone enanthate, I can say without a doubt that it has benefited me. I feel better overall, have more energy, and have greater sex desire. The Testosterone Enanthate Dosage can be a bit tricky to figure out, but once you do, it’s not too bad. I usually take it every other day or so. I have also found that Testosterone Enanthate stacks with other supplements can be helpful.

  4. John Harrison
    September 21, 2022

    Testosterone Cypionate is one of the most popular testosterone types available. It provides numerous benefits and effects that can be very helpful for those looking to improve their physical and mental well-being. One of the main Cypionate Benefits and Effects is that it can help to increase muscle mass. It can also help to increase strength and endurance. Additionally, it can help to improve mood and reduce stress levels.

  5. Maurice Knight
    October 1, 2022

    “Test Cypionate was excellent, no pip, and quick job I injected myself once a week for 10 weeks with 1cc or 1 amp, and I noticed a significant improvement in my strength, muscle gain, and sex drive. For me, Testosterone Cypionate for bodybuilding is the way to go.

  6. Winston Mitchell
    October 19, 2022

    I had never cycled before. I choose to execute a Testosterone Cypionate cycle. 300 mg every week for ten weeks. Everything was just how I wanted it. My first cycle yielded excellent Cypionate benefits (my strength quickly increased with a test-only cycle), and I’m about to begin my second cycle, which will last 20 weeks and includes tests, EQ, and TBOL.

  7. Abraham Chapman
    October 23, 2022

    I have been taking Enanthate for a few weeks now and I am very pleased with the results. I have more energy and stamina, and I have noticed an increase in muscle mass. The Testosterone Enanthate dosage is easy to follow and I haven’t experienced any negative side effects. Overall, I am very happy with Testosterone Enanthate and would recommend it to anyone looking for an effective testosterone supplement.

  8. Andrew Matthews
    October 30, 2022

    Having used Testosterone Cypionate for some time, I can honestly state that I am quite pleased with the outcomes. My power and energy levels have significantly increased as a result of using Testosterone Cypionate, in addition to the Testosterone Cypionate benefits like an increase in muscle mass. Testosterone Cypionate side effects are not a problem for me because I always take the right dosage.

  9. Antonio Black
    November 24, 2022

    I started taking Testosterone Cypionate for bodybuilding about 3 months ago and have seen some amazing results. I was a little worried about the possible Test C side effects but so far have not experienced any. The testosterone cypionate has really helped me bulk up and I’ve seen a significant increase in my strength. Testosterone Cypionate Dosagedosage can be adjusted to suit your individual needs and the results are definitely worth it.

  10. Danilo Field
    November 29, 2022

    Testosterone Enanthate is a great product for anyone looking to bulk up or increase their strength. I’ve used it in the past and it definitely works. I would recommend using a Testosterone Enanthate stack to help keep your gains and prevent any unwanted side effects. As for Test Cypionate vs Enanthate, I personally think Enanthate is the better choice, but ultimately it comes down to personal preference.

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