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Testobolin (Testosterone Enanthate 250mg/ml ampoules)

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testosterone enanthate


10 ampoules (250mg/ml)

Testobolin (Testosterone Enanthate 250mg/ml) is an injectable steroid by Alpha Pharma, available to buy online with credit cards and shipped across the USA.

Testosterone Enanthate increases the user’s weight significantly, provides maximum muscle building in a short period, stimulates the body’s regenerative processes, and provides a good increase in strength. As a result, the drug is popular in pre-competition preparation cycles. Almost every weight training program includes Test E.

Alpha Pharma’s Testobolin is a synthetic hormone that functions similarly to natural endogenous testosterone. It is a steroid-derived substance with high anabolic and androgenic activity comparable to natural testosterone. The substance’s extended chemical formula is synthetically linked with the long ester Enanthate, which is unique in that it can aromatize into estrogens and increases its effectiveness in this regard.

This type of link between the active substance and the ester allows the substance to accumulate in adipose tissue before gradually releasing it into the human blood.

As one of the first steroids developed that was oil-based, it was used in the medical field to fight breast tumors and growth disorders in children.

Due to its beneficial properties in sports pharmacology, it is one of the most sought-after steroids among sportsmen and women today due to its beneficial use to improve sports performance.

Advantages of Testobolin by Alpha Pharma

Online reviews of Test E 250mg/ml injectable steroid amps for sale online in the USA by athletes and bodybuilders report the following benefits:

  • Its high androgenic properties allow for significant weight gain (a weekly weight gain of about 2-3 kilograms is expected in the second week)
  • Increased development of endurance and strength indicators and the normalization of physiological processe
  • Quick restoration of damaged muscle tissue between workouts
  • Improvement in joint and ligament recovery
  • It reduces catabolism, which allows you to perform more frequent, intense workouts
  • Rollbacks after a cycle are minimal
  • Increased appetite
  • Harmless to the liver.

Testosterone Enanthate 250 Application and Dosage

  • Beginners

The average beginner athlete should take 200-500mg per week. This should be enough to add 15-20 pounds of muscle mass.

  • Experienced users

Seasoned athletes may take amounts as high as 500 to 1000 mg per week, but it’s crucial to keep in mind that such high doses might cause negative effects.

Injections should only be administered to a thick layer of muscle (deltas, thighs, buttocks). It has a half-life of 7-8 days, allowing injections every seven days.

It is recommended to stick to a maximum of 8–10 weeks of duration per cycle.

This steroid is characterized by a high degree of aromatase and significant suppression of endogenous testosterone. In this regard, it becomes necessary to take anti-estrogens and hCG during and after the cycle to reduce the risk of adverse reactions.

Always consult with a specialist before you buy Testosterone Enanthate 250 online in the USA to avoid potential health issues.


エナント酸テストステロン 250mg

Quick Overview: Substance: Testosterone enanthate
Package: 10 ampoules (250mg/ml)
Manufacturer: Alpha Pharma

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