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Stanozolol oral (Winstrol)


50mg (50 pills)


Rexobol 50 is a steroid of anabolic and androgenic effects from the Indian pharmaceutical company Alpha Pharma. The main active ingredient is stanozolol. The drug is oral, the form of release of Rexobol is 50 tablets of 10 or 50 milligrams. The steroid was developed by Winthrop Laboratories. Chemically, it is a derivative of dihydrotetosterone. Tableted stanozolol is a very popular steroid. The presence of an alkyl group in the alpha-17 position makes it resistant to destruction when passing through the liver, while at the same time it causes some toxic effects. However, the injectable form is no less harmful. Initially, stanozolol was used to increase strength and endurance of running horses. Of course, this attracted the attention of athletes, and after a while the steroid firmly entered the pharmaceutical market.

Reception effects

  • Muscle elevation.
  • Increased stamina and strength indicators.
  • Fat reduction.
  • Removal of accumulated fluid.
  • Increased appetite.
  • A twofold decrease in the level of sex hormone binding globulin.
  • Antiprogestogen and antiestrogenic effects are suspected.

Most often, Rexobol is used by bodybuilders in cutting cycles. Taking a steroid in preparation for the competition allows you to get high-quality, visually attractive muscle mass. Also, stanozolol is often used in athletics. Moreover, according to the data of the World Anti-Doping Laboratory, today this steroid is the most popular pharmacological drug. At least, such a conclusion can be drawn from the number of positive doping samples.

How to take Rexobol 50

The Rexobol cycle is recommended for athletes who want to increase strength and endurance without a significant increase in weight. Stanozolol is most effective for people with moderate body fat and adequate weight. The optimal daily dosage is 30 milligrams, divided into 3 doses. It is not recommended to exceed the norm of 50 milligrams. The duration of the Rexobol cycle from Alpha Pharma is 5-8 weeks. At the end of the cycle, PCT is conducted. Specialized sports nutrition helps to achieve great results.

Side effects of Taking Rexobol-50

The steroid does not have estrogenic effects, does not cause edema and gynecomastia. Most often, side effects from Rexobol manifest as damage to the joints and ligaments. This is quite logical and explainable, given the fact that the drug “dries”. To minimize the risk of injuries, Testosterone and Deca are included in the cycle. Possible negative reactions of the body to stanozolol are increased blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as androgenic “side effects” (acne, suppression of the production of one’s own testosterone, hair loss). If the recommended dosages of Rexobol are exceeded, myocardial hypertrophy may develop.

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Package: 50mg (50 pills)
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    This rexobol is the real deal. Quality is above all else and the results it gives you is just a masterpiece! You’ll experience the strength immediately after using this. After week 3, I can see that my body was more toned and defined, vascularity was up too. This winny was the best for me!

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    The thing about this source is that they are very accommodating and they always get back to me instantly. I am excited for my rexobol and I hope it gives me the results I want!

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    Got this rexobol for my friend and he is in love with this! He told me that he will not be switching to other brands but this. I ordered more for him and the shipping was very fast. This is a top company that I can trust!

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    I used this rexobol at 25 mg since I am very prone to forearm tendonitis. Pain was still inevitable, the reason why I stopped using it but I love how it gave me stamina and hardening in just a couple of weeks. This is overall a great product and if I get a chance, I will use it again.

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    This rexobol is some good stuff. I never ordered other brands because no brand can compare to the effects this rexobol gives me. Got really cut on this and people are complimenting me on how good I look. I highly recommend this!

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