Mesterolone (Proviron) 25mg (100 pills) online by Dragon Pharma


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Mesterolone (Proviron)


25mg (100 pills)

Quick Overview: Substance: Mesterolone (Proviron)
Package: 25mg (100 pills)
Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma

Customer Reviews

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    This proviron is my go to! This kept my libido increased and I was able to gain a huge amount of lean muscle while on my Test E cycle! I highly recommend this!

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    I recently discovered this proviron from dragon pharma and it was a shame that I only discovered it now. This really helped me in preventing gyno. Had some itchy nipples and I just took one tab of this ED and the symptoms were gone right away! This is the best quality of proviron I’ve used! Thanks dragon for this amazing product, as well as sportlifepower-biz for the great service!

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    This proviron is the best when paired with bharat’s HGH! Gains are truly amazing and you won’t regret using this. When I used this, I got to increase my weights and my lean muscle mass dramatically increased.

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    This proviron is the bomb! When I am on a cycle using masteron, I always get sides like acne and my LDL was also increased. Tried to switch on using proviron and my libido was enhanced as well as my vascularity. I also looked more defined on this and I experience no sides at all.

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    I’ve ordered from sportslifepower-biz three times in the last three months and each time it arrived quickly! The packaging was extremely professional, and the gear is of the highest quality. I never trust any other brand than Dragon Pharma. They have the most potent products, and you definitely get your money’s worth! In addition, the customer service team at this website was very accommodating and patiently answered my inquiries. Sportlifepower-biz is the only place to buy your gears!

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