Oxymetos 25 Anadrol (Oxymetholone 25 mg) is an oral steroid by Pharmacom Labs that is available to buy online with credit cards and shipped across the USA.

Oxymetholone (aka Anadrol) was initially developed for medical applications to treat anemia and other illnesses that cause severe weight loss. However, its ability to increase a person’s body weight has been recognized by bodybuilders, who continue to use it to this day.

With the exception that Oxymetholone is progestogenic, oral Anadrol 25mg has essentially comparable effects on the human body as Dianabol.

It works by increasing your appetite and red blood cell count, which allows your body to absorb and transfer more oxygen to your muscles and improve tissue nutrition and weight gain due to this increased blood and oxygen flow.

Advantages of Oxymetos 25 by Pharmacom Laboratories

Online reviews of Anadrol 25 mg oral steroid pills for sale online in the USA by athletes and bodybuilders report the following benefits:

  • Strength indices are significantly impacted
  • Highly effective weight gains due to increased blood and oxygen flow, which improves tissue nourishment
  • Increased desire to exercise for longer durations at greater intensities
  • Due to additional water retention in the body, it aids in joint lubrication and prevents injuries
  • Elevated appetite
  • Progestogenic action.

Oxymetholone 25 Application and Dosage

The daily consumption should be spread out across many doses (after meals), and the outcomes will be spectacular if you follow this cycle while keeping a proper diet in mind.

Oxymetholone is widely used by males in dosages of 50 to 100 mg per day for 4 to 8 weeks.

Oxys from Pharmacom Labs is rarely used alone since it binds well with testosterone, Trenbolone, and Boldenone for maximum benefit.

A decent cycle for female athletes would be an 8-week cycle of 100mg of Primobolan each week, 12 to 25mg of Anadrol per day for the first four weeks, and 10mg of Turinabol for the last four weeks.

Always consult with a specialist before you buy Oxymetholone online in the USA to avoid potential health issues.

オキシメトロン-アナドロール 25mg

Quick Overview: Substance: Oxymetholone (Anadrol)
Package: 25mg (100 pills)
Manufacturer: Pharmacom Labs

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