Sustanon 250 (Testosterone mix) 10ml vial (250mg/ml) online by Alpha Pharma

Induject-250 (vial)

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Sustanon 250 (Testosterone mix)


10ml vial (250mg/ml)

Induject-250 Testosterone Mix (Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone Phenylpropionate, Testosterone Isocaproate, and Testosterone Decanoate) is an injectable steroid mix by Alpha Pharma and is available to buy online with credit cards and shipped across the USA.

Testosterone esters are essential if you want to gain as much muscle mass as possible. For many years, it has been considered an effective sports drug, so it is used in the majority of cycles.

Sustanon 250 is without a doubt the most popular testosterone blend in the world of bodybuilding and fitness, and not just in the United States.

It is an excellent drug for increasing muscle mass and can be combined with other drugs. It is appropriate for both beginning and experienced male and female athletes worldwide.

Alpha Pharma’s Sustanon-250 injections will increase both muscle mass and strength in terms of performance enhancement. This steroid is both androgenic and anabolic, and it will significantly increase nitrogen within the muscles, resulting in increased protein storage.

This injectable steroid was created to allow individuals to maintain stable blood levels of the testosterone hormone while providing immediate benefits. Despite being a synthetic drug, it is a replica of the naturally occurring primary male androgen, testosterone. The precise dosage of each of the four testosterone esters is what distinguishes this steroid!

Alpha Pharma’s Induject-250 is used not only for performance enhancement but also for Testosterone Replacement Therapy in the medical field. When used for those with low testosterone, it can help with or treat libido loss, erectile dysfunction, muscle mass and strength loss, mental clarity loss, lethargy, insomnia, depression, a weakened immune system, and other symptoms.

Most pharmaceutical companies recognize the importance of testosterone-based drugs, so Alpha Pharma went a step further and offered a drug that contained four different types of testosterone esters in one substance.

Although this drug is slightly more expensive than separate testosterone ethers, the perfect combination and ease of use determine and justify this. Almost every athlete who understands the subject knows the difference between one and four injections.

Although Sustanon is the best drug for gaining muscle mass, it does not provide additional drying, so anyone who wishes to compete must include an additional drying drug in their cycle.

The Advantages of Induject 250 By Alpha Pharma

Online reviews of Sustanon 250mg/ml injectable steroid vials for sale online in the USA by athletes and bodybuilders report the following benefits:

  • Excellent results in terms of muscle size and quality mass gain after the cycle and removal of excess fluid
  • There is little fluid retention, which is beneficial to the joints
  • Unrivaled strength and stamina increase
  • Minimal rollback in the event of proper post-cycle therapy
  • Increased and more pronounced appetite
  • A slight fat-burning effect

Increased erections, libido, and sexual desire.

Sustanon 250 Application and Dosage

A cycle of this drug is the most straightforward way to gain significant muscle mass. A good hormonal balance is provided by the interaction of four different types of testosterone with different half-lives.

Because this drug contains the decanoate ester, it can be taken once a week for beginners, but for more experienced athletes, it should be taken twice a week to maintain maximum concentration levels in the blood (due to the shorter esters).

It is not recommended to exceed 250-500mg per week, as this may cause side effects.

For most athletes, the minimum cycle duration is 6 weeks, and the recommended cycle duration is 8–10 weeks.

Always consult with a specialist before you buy Sust 250 online in the USA to avoid potential health issues.


ススタノン 250 – テストステロン ミックス

Quick Overview: Substance: Sustanon 250 (Testosterone mix)
Package: 10ml vial (250mg/ml)
Manufacturer: Alpha Pharma

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