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1mg (50 pills)

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Anastrazolos 1 (Anastrozole 1 mg) is an anti-estrogen remedy by Pharmacom Labs, available to buy online with credit cards and shipped across the USA.

Pharmacom Labs’ Anastrozole 1 is a medicine that is justifiably popular among sports as it has no estrogenic or progestogenic effects on the athlete’s body.

Athletes use it to carry out successful post-cycle therapy as it prevents the development of estrogenic adverse effects caused by excess estrogen in the body as a result of strong steroid use in high doses.

This medication is known as an aromatase inhibitor because it lowers aromatization within the male body, thus preventing the detrimental effects of excessive estrogen levels.

It is frequently used to avoid gynecomastia and to speed up the process of eliminating fluid from muscle fibers.

It can be used by athletes from a variety of sports disciplines, particularly during cycles in which it is necessary to perform effective training, speed the body’s recovery after the cycle, and boost the rate of toxin clearance following a cycle of steroids.

When the athlete takes the medicine just 2-3 hours before the start of training, the aromatization activity is reduced by about 90%. The active ingredients that enter the body remain active for 48 hours. It’s no surprise then that this medicine is regarded as one of the most effective.

Based on reviews of Anastrozole, this anti-estrogenic treatment has frequently demonstrated its efficacy, earning the approval of numerous seasoned athletes.

Advantages of Anastrozolos 1 by Pharmacom Labs

Online reviews of Anastrozole 1 mg oral anti-estrogen pills for sale online in the USA by athletes and bodybuilders report the following benefits:

  • Muscle definition is improved due to reduced accumulated fluid
  • Recovery after training is improved
  • Muscular mass increases
  • Endurance and physical fitness are improved
  • Improved motivation to engage in hard training
  • Beneficial for both men and women
  • The drug’s substance enters metabolic systems quickly and binds to proteins
  • It protects against potential gynecomastia and hypertension side effects.

Anastrozolos 1: 250 Application and Dosage

To avoid the negative effects of steroid use, it is recommended to take 1-2 mg of Anastrozole every week.

If a side effect like gynecomastia has already developed, 1 mg of Anastrozole per day should be enough to treat it.

The drug’s peak activity is observed after 2-3 hours of intake. Tablets should be taken before meals while drinking plenty of water.

It is mostly used in cycles to reduce the likelihood of unpleasant reactions occurring. It is not suggested for athletes who have a cardiovascular condition or individual intolerance to one or more Anastrozolos 1 component.

Anastrozole can be used both during and after a cycle of steroids as your PCT treatment. The duration of one course is two-four weeks for PCT and one week for counteracting any estrogenic side effects. Post-cycle therapy is not required after the end of the drug intake.

Many people take Anastrozole according to the drug’s instructions, while the rest of the athletes strive to follow the advice of their coach or sports doctor. Please keep in mind that only a trainer or a doctor can propose the most efficient dosage that will not only hasten the restoration of the hormonal backdrop following the course but will also sustain the results attained.

Always consult with a specialist before you buy Anastrozole online in the USA to avoid potential health issues.

アナストロゾール 1mg

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