Privacy Policy

As proof of our utmost commitment to our clients’ privacy, conforms to certain privacy standards. We only collect information for communication purposes, and it is never shared or leaked to third parties.


Your IP address is used to diagnose server problems. When you visit our site, our server, like most others, logs your IP address in a log file. This information is used only for internal use and will never be shared.


Our customers’ personal information is kept confidential and is not shared with any third-party companies or individuals. The information you provide during registration is kept in a secure database. Your IP address is used to assist us in diagnosing server problems and running our website.

When you visit, it logs your IP address, as do most web servers. This information is kept private and only used within the company.

The information we collect from our customers is solely used to process and fulfill orders. During the fulfillment of each order, the site administrators promise absolute secrecy.

This information is required for management to contact you by phone, email, or chat and to verify that your order was delivered to the stated location on time by the delivery service provider.


When filling out registration forms on our sites, users are sometimes required to enter contact information (like their name and e-mail address).

Contact information from registration forms is used to provide additional functionality, to maintain and improve service quality, and to provide general statistics on how the site is used.

Your username and password will not be shared externally.

Cookies are used in specific areas of the site (for example, the Forum section) to allow the site to function properly and to offer you additional services and benefits, such as automatically logging in.

The internet cookie captures and retains information such as the customer’s IP address, browser software, web server, and the date and time of their visit when their web browser contacts our website.


Your username and password are kept private and are never given out to anybody outside of


Cookies are used in various areas of the site (for example, the Forum section of this website) to allow the site to run properly and to provide you with additional services and benefits, such as remaining logged in automatically.

When a customer’s web browser contacts our website, the internet cookie collects and preserves information such as the customer’s IP address, browser software, web server, and the date and time of the customer’s visit.


We use third-party advertising companies to display adverts on our site. These adverts may include cookies. While we use cookies on other parts of our site, the advertising provider collects cookies from banner ads, and we do not have access to this information.


Our website management system ensures that the personal information provided by registered users is kept completely private. We promise that none of the information you supply (email address, phone number, home address, etc.) will be shared with third parties or other organizations.

Please email a request to our staff if you would like all confidential information you provided to be deleted from our systems and we will comply as soon as possible.


If you have any questions regarding this privacy statement or any other concerns about the site’s administration or external partners’ relationships with this website, please contact us. reserves the right to modify this Privacy Statement at any time and without notice, with the most recent version taking precedence.

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