Deca (Nandrolone Decanoate) how to use, side effects

Deca (Nandrolone Decanoate) how to use, side effects

DECA has received the greatest distribution and popularity among injectable anabolic steroids.

Properties of Nandrolone

The duration of action of DECA Durabolin is approximately two to three times longer than that of testosterone. Longer the receptor remains activated, the greater the amount of protein synthesized by the cell. There is also a negative point: free Deca Durabolin degenerates into DHN, that is two to three times inferior to nandrolone in efficiency, impairs the ability of nerve fibers to transmit signals, which negatively affects neuromuscular stimulation and libido. But, deca is not so active in the prostate, skin.

The effect of aromatase on the cycle deca is not so significant. Do not forget about the progestogenic activity of deca. Those with a total dose of more than six hundred milligrams per week are at risk of gyno.

Side effects

When using a soundboard, there are usually no serious side effects. However, when the weekly dosage exceeds four hundred milligrams, blood pressure often rises. Against the background of worsening blood coagulation, this leads to nosebleeds, poor wound healing, the work of the sebaceous glands in forced mode, acne, and severe headaches. The maximum dose increase is fraught with a malfunction of the testes, which begin to produce less testosterone, which causes a delay in the release of gonadotropins by the pituitary gland.

The high progestogen activity of Deca Durabolin leads to erectile dysfunction and gynecomastia.

Dosage methods

The achievement of a noticeable effect from taking nandrolone is possible at dosages of two hundred milligrams per week or more. Some professional-level athletes have prescribed a daily dose of eight hundred milligrams. How practical this is today is hard to say. Indeed, in recent years there has been a tendency to Deca Durabolin. Bodybuilders of a world level consider this drug to be exhausted and morally obsolete. However, people who are not thinking about sporting achievements and just wanting to have a beautiful body can be advised to set an upper limit for themselves of one gram of nandrolone per week.

Nandrolone decanoate has a fairly long half-life, so it is advisable to stay on one injection per week. True, there is another opinion. Many believe that to maintain a stable level of the hormone, it is better to inject long-lived drugs more often into the body.

How to combine Deca Durabolin with other steroids

Not so often you can meet people who have chosen Deca Durabolin as the only steroid in the cycle. Rather, it is the lot of testosterone and trenbolone. Synergists are usually combined. An effective regimen is the use of nandrolone with methandrostenolone. Even more effective are those who include testosterone in a complex with nandrolone (the ratio of nandrolone to testosterone is 1: 2). The second method is also a kind of insurance against potential problems. The combination of the three drugs listed above is the best option for those who want to gain weight in the shortest possible time.

It is worthwhile to warn the zealous followers of dubious ideas, taking on faith everything that they are told. The use of Deca Durabolin with other progestins (anapolone, trenbolone) is dangerous and can lead to negative consequences, cause the abandonment of anabolic steroids for a long time.

Application of a soundboard by women

In the middle of the last century, Deca Durabolin was widely used in the treatment of women. Moreover, representatives of traditional medicine considered it a rather effective drug. Then, athletes turned their attention to 19-nortestosterone and actively used it until the nineties. The first experiment consisted in women taking Deca Durabolin fifty milligrams every three to four days. As a result, half of the subjects began to experience the phenomenon of virilization. The second experiment did not lead to this. The very first signs of virilization should be a signal to stop taking the drug. gradually increasing it to seventy five to one hundred milligrams in the same period of time. The very first signs of virilization of Deca Durabolin should be a signal to stop taking the drug. gradually increasing it to seventy five to one hundred milligrams in the same period of time. The very first signs of virilization should be a signal to stop taking the drug.


  • The deck is not only good for mass gain, but also increases strength.
  • DECA implies a cycle of intake that lasts for a rather long time (a minimum of six weeks).
  • DECA Durabolin has beneficial effects on the joints.
  • The toxic effect of nandrolone on the liver is minimal.
  • Athletes who are going to take part in competitions involving a doping test in the coming year should avoid taking nandrolone.
  • Durabolin is less likely to cause hypertrophy of the prostate, baldness, and acne than testosterone.
  • The pronounced progestogenic activity of Deca Durabolin should encourage athletes to take dose selection issues seriously. If it exceeds four hundred milligrams per week, then the risk of gynecomastia and a weakening of libido increases. The use of dostinex, bromocriptine, and proviron is intended to eliminate these unpleasant side effects.
  • It is advisable to resort to a scheme for combining a deck with turinabol, methane, oxandrolone, winstrol and other so-called soft preparations.
  • Take Deca Durabolin in combination with other progestins (anadrol, trenbolone) is unacceptable.